Our History

Almost a century ago, Howard H. Brown established Brown and Eckenberg Funeral Home in downtown Anderson. Howard Brown served as Chairman of the Board for sixty years and W.E. Eckenberg, the brother-in-law of his co-founder and partner eventually sold his share of the funeral home to Frederick W. Butz, Mr. Brown’s son-in-law.

Mary Lou Butz Toombs, wife and daughter, began working with her husband and father, she continues today as President. Her daughter, Nancy Butz Graham, later joined the funeral home, representing the third generation of the firm.

Henry A. Diedring, Jr. worked at the firm during high school and college. In 1978, Henry joined the firm as a Funeral Director. He later purchased interest in the firm and now serves as Executive Vice President.

Reinhold Mueller also started with the funeral home as a high school student. He came to work as a funeral director in 1984 and became the manager in 1996. In 2005, he purchased interest in the firm.

Brown and Butz Funeral Home built a new facility in 1991 and relocated to 515 East 53rd Street. The name was then changed to Brown-Butz-Diedring Funeral Service & Crematory.

We are pleased to announce our merger with the Wilson St. Pierre family from southern Madison County. Combining efforts allows us to control and even lower costs while providing the quality service to Anderson families only a locally owned and family operated funeral home can.

The name hasn’t changed. We are pleased to continue our caring service with families going forward with senior Funeral Directors, Henry A. Diedring, Jr., Reinhold Mueller and Paul C. St. Pierre, and the rest of the staff of the funeral home. Our dedication to the community has remained constant and will only improve with this new partnership.